Penny Candy

Boy! Things Sure Are Changing Out There!


Remember the penny candy days?

Sitting out on a stoop by the candy store, feeling like you were on top of the world. Maybe your Grandpa had just slipped you a penny and you ran as fast as you could to grab some MaryJanes or those candy cigarettes, or those little candies that stuck to the receipt paper.

Boy, things sure have changed, haven’t they? Today, that same penny that used to buy you a day of sugar-filled joy now actually costs our government more to make than what its worth! (Yep, it costs MORE than a penny to make each 1 cent piece we produce today.)

This got me thinking….

Lots of Changes Occur Every Year In Your Retirement, Too
Sometimes its changes with your own life, your relationships, who you might want as beneficiaries, your financial situation, your health, or, quite simply, changes in your views or priorities. Other times, external changes like the government, taxes, rising costs, or newly available products and financial services can change your retirement.

Some of the changes are positive and can actually help you have an even more comfortable retirement, or give you peace of mind you didn’t have before.

The Power of An Annual Review
Is your current advisor giving you an opportunity to meet with him or her every year? When was the last time you sat to have all your various accounts, insurances, and other retirement documents reviewed? We provide these types of services for FREE for our clients, because we believe its a critical piece to client service. If your advisor doesn’t offer to see you at least once a year, you may want to consider getting a second opinion. Often times, new products are available, or new rates are possible. Be sure to meet with someone regularly to maximize your retirement and peace of mind.

Things sure are changing out there…but if you meet with your advisor every year, you can enjoy the “sweet success” of knowing everything in YOUR plan is moving along like it should. Oh, and be sure to ask him or her to give you some penny candy while your at the office.