Want to know how you can have a safe & secure retirement?

Want to know how you can have a safe & secure retirement?


  • Retirement Made Simple: A Step-By-Step Guide To Worry Free Retirement.
    (a $49 Value)
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You’ll Discover:

  • 3 Keys To A Safe, Secure, & Worry-Free Retirement & How To Implement Them Immediately

  • The Untold “Big Box Brokerage” Fairy Tale: Why their “story” of happily ever after may not be true anymore

  • Knowledge is Power: How To Truly Understand Where Your Money Is, What The Risks Are, and How Much Income You Can Count On

  • How To Gain 100% Confidence In Your Money’s Ability To Provide For You In Retirement

  • The Biggest Mistake Pre-Retirees and Retirees Make and How To Avoid It

  • Businesses, Real Estate, and Other Assets Classes: How To Assess Their Value and Include Them In Your Retirement Plans

  • The $450,000 loss every retiree MUST avoid

  • Why a step-by-step process is critical to your retirement comfort and success

  • BONUS Secrets to Retirement Success Specifically for Those With 401ks, 403bs, IRAs, or savings in CDs


Two reasons:

1 I’m passionate about education. Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of retirees and pre-retirees. Through my writing, speaking, and one-on-one meetings, I’ve educated thousands. Yet I am still baffled by the lack of information available to people. This CD and transcript is one of the ways I can help more people gain access to what is really out there for them. To me, that’s worth the time and money it takes to put this into your hands.

2I’m frustrated by the “fairy tales.”For 40 years, the financial services industry has been telling you a “story.” It goes something like this…”Once upon a time, a hard-working individual dutifully put money into his retirement every year. The financial fairies waived their magic wands and told their hard-working saver not to worry about whether the market is up or down. They told him that even though the market goes down, it always comes back up. He believed them.” What they DIDN’T tell you (and probably still won’t) is that once you hit retirement years, you can’t afford to WAIT for the market to rebound. In this CD, I provide some solid, proven tips on how you CAN secure your retirement income with GUARANTEES.


After being in this business for 30+ years, I’ve come to learn this universal truth:

When you give, you receive.

Although some people will listen to this CD, gain some insights, and implement some of my suggestions without ever contacting me or wanting to learn more….

Others will listen to the CD, gain some insights, and want to get serious about working with someone to help them develop a plan. Either way, my goal is for you to learn more than you knew before. If we work together, great! If not, that’s ok, too.

(By the way, no salesperson will call you. Honestly, I focus my efforts on those who find value in my advice and want to learn more. For the rest, I provide resources like this CD and hope you find it helpful.)


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You’ve got nothing to lose…and your retirement income to protect.

Dedicated To Your Retirement Peace of Mind,
Ron Pate

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